Chris Ireland

Flint projection

Night Ride Home – Digital Video, Spencer House, Flint Michigan 2014

Flint Projection, a temporary public video project curated by Dustin M. Price and Candice Stewart is currently accepting applications for a one night video installation on the entire façade of the historic Spencer’s Art House in Flint, MI. All concepts are welcome but artists are encouraged to apply with work regarding urban subjects, memory and hope.
While it is the mission of Flint Projection to encourage positivity and hope within the Flint community. It would be remiss not to acknowledge that Flint, MI is nationally known for being one of the most violent cities in the United States. Currently, it is estimated that there are 16,000 abandoned buildings within city limits. However, Flint is truly more than urban decay and violence.
It is our hope that the re-imagining of this urban landscape through a lens of fine art will encourage hope and a better understanding of this fantastic community – Dustin Price