• Search Windows

    Digital Inkjet print series - 2014. The series Search Window was inspired by my attempts to document my home and the places that shaped my childhood. After leaving the suburban Midwestern town I grew up in, it was normal to discover old neighborhoods changing over time in the spirit of growth and redevelopment. When the woodlands behind my house where I shared my first kiss and tasted my first cigarette were turned into “Marshland View Estates”, I realized my photographs would probably not live up to the idyllic childhood memories. It took me some time to realize that my home was perhaps not only that one place, but I feeling of longing, a feeling of closeness, and sometimes a reminder of distance, and the desire to belong somewhere. The brain is not an album in which memories are stored discreetly like unchanging photographs. A memory is instead, a temporary constellation of brain activity. Google Street View, on the contrary, is an online database of fixed images that give a visual representation of any place where data is available. Using photographic editing software and Google mapping technology I am interested in how we navigate through places virtually and experientially and how those experiences can possibly blend together and alter our perception of place. Image data for this project was collected by the artist using his own photographic archives in addition to Landsat image data from Google Maps, copyright 2013.
  • Flint House Project

    Video Installation - May 2014. Flint Projection, was a temporary public video project curated by Dustin M. Price and Candice Stewart which consisted of  video installations on the entire façade of the historic Spencer's Art House in Flint, MI. Spencer's Art House is a historic home last used as a mortuary, located in Carriage Town, the city's oldest neighborhood. The building fell into disuse in the early 1990s and was on the verge of collapsing. In 2012, Flint Public Art Project began a project to renovate the building into an alternative art and workshop space in cooperation with the Carriage Town Historic Neighborhood Association. For my video installation, I did a projection map of the building's basic outlines and overlaid imagery of passing streetlights revealing images of Flint's past.
  • Stiffed

    Installation from expo 2014 at 500X Gallery in Dallas, TX
  • Ice Cream Man

    Coming soon
  • Airport Work

    The series As We Go Up, We Go Down, installed at Erath County Airport, was inspired by my photographic investigation of Erath County. For each piece, I combined two sets of images. Using Google Earth, I scanned over the landscape and captured images of the earth that attracted me as abstract, natural shapes and designs. Then I would record the coordinates of those places that visually appealed to me from above and I would travel to them in my car with my camera. The images in the series are a direct comparison of what I saw from the sky and what I saw on the ground. I have traveled a lot since then, and I have spent the last 5 years in Stephenville, TX. With a limited knowledge of the geography around myself, when I go out photograph, I rely on maps to orient myself. With the use of satellite imagery provided by Google Maps, I am often attracted to the qualities of line and abstract shapes that aerial photography provides, only to go to a place on foot and have a different experience entirely. I have become content having an imperfect understanding of where I am, because there are many ways to see a place, much like there are many stories contained in a photograph. Image data for this project was collected by the artist using his own photographic archives in addition to Landsat image data from Google Earth, copyright 2014.
  • Empty album

  • Maid of the Mist

    Digital Video - 2011
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