Chris Ireland

Ordinary Time 2006/2016 (In Progress)

8am - Dining Room Table

In 2006 I did a photo series of my Mother, Father, and Brother, who continue to live in the home I grew up in Mentor, OH.  I was interested in the normal routines of their daily lives, especially since it was the first time I started to visit home regularly since my other brother and I moved out to go to school and eventually to make our own lives.  I used to joke that at any particular point in the day, I could tell you exactly they were doing, where they were sitting, what they were eating, and what was on the television.  They had a very set routine. Around 10 years later, my mother fell ill, and I began to visit my home more regularly.  Taking my camera along as always, I began to document my home and my family again.  My brother and father are continuing their lives in the face of change.  The daily patterns and rhythms of life do not change but adapt to changes in the family dynamic.  Time passes, but we hold on to the ideas that define us, that define our self worth.

9 am Living Room Couch10 am - Quiet11 am Making Lunch12 pm - Turning on the News1pm - Sweeping the Floor2pm - Slippers3pm - Folding3pm - Yard work5pm Coming Home From Work6pm Dinner7pm Home Court