Watery, Domestic
7 March 2021

Backyard Door

In the summer of 2020, during the Covid pandemic, I stayed inside with little to no contact with the outside world except for social media and seeing the landscape of my suburban community on my daily jogs.  I wanted to try to use the tools at my disposal, an oversized garage and a large saltwater pool, to show this landscape of privilege, excess, and middle class wealth.  I don’t see myself as a critic necessarily of this landscape, but an observer and willing consumer within it.  These images were taken on foot in the 2-3 mile radius of my house, and developed using a solution of pool salt and water from my backyard pool, mixed with silver nitrate and exposed with the Texas midday summer sun.

Lawn Ornament

Driveway, Mallard Point Drive

Frog on Afternoon Swim

Pool Snake

Gallivant Drive

Shed on Truck


Construction, Phase 2