Places, Names, Dates
12 June 2019

Places, Names, Dates

January 2019 – 500x Gallery

Places, Names, Dates, a solo exhibition by Chris Ireland, explores the ways everyday existence is catalogued from photo albums to social media. The inspiration behind this body of work came from the discovery of an autobiography of the artist’s deceased grandfather. Hand-typed pages, completed over several years, were stashed away in boxes with his other personal goods and mementos, about to be discarded.  Loose pages filled with fragmented thoughts, recollections, locations, and dates. So much of modern life is also recorded, often willingly, sometimes not. What becomes of these collections? And what are the stories that emerge from them? Rescued from the anonymity of the pile, the pieces in this exhibition explore the fragile nature of our analog and digital archives.


Tornado 1955

Empty Page #2