Art Room presents its inaugural juried exhibition Now | Contemporary 2019, which features my series of bleached family photos. The exhibition also showcases work by Marcelo GuidoliEthan Heberer, Alexandra OpieProject Barbatype by Scott Hilton and Bryan WingGinger Sisco-CookTUG Collective, and Bernardo Vallarino

Now | Contemporary 2019 was juried by Claudia Zapata, a doctoral candidate in Southern Methodist University’s RASC/a: Rhetorics of Art, Space and Culture: Ph.D. Program in Art History. Claudia is currently the Latino art curatorial assistant at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in support of the exhibition ¡Printing the Revolution! Chicano Graphics from the Civil Rights Era to the Present.

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Places, Names, Dates, a solo exhibition by Chris Ireland, explores the ways everyday existence is catalogued from photo albums to social media. The inspiration behind this body of work came from the discovery of an autobiography of the artist’s deceased grandfather. Hand-typed pages, completed over several years, were stashed away in boxes with his other personal goods and mementos, about to be discarded.  Loose pages filled with fragmented thoughts, recollections, locations, and dates. So much of modern life is also recorded, often willingly, sometimes not. What becomes of these collections? And what are the stories that emerge from them? Rescued from the anonymity of the pile, the pieces in this exhibition explore the fragile nature of our analog and digital archives.

Opening: January 12, 2019 | 7–10 pm

500X Gallery

500 Exposition Avenue

Dallas, 75226 TX

(214) 828-1111

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Check out the podcast Positive Space sponsored by FATE (Foundations in Art, Theory, and Education).  In episode 2, myself and Peter Reichardt have a lively discussion about teaching studio courses online, assessment and the possibilities of utilizing Pokemon in foundations. It is a two parter, so sit back and enjoy.  Positive Space is FATE’s monthly podcast providing opportunities for those passionate about art foundations to discuss and promote excellence in the development and teaching of college level foundations in art & design studio and history classes. (from the FATE website)

I am chairing a panel called Identity Crisis – the challenges of building effective Digital Arts programs inside/outside of  Studio Art curriculums at the Mid America College Arts Conference at the University of Cincinnati on October 28, 2016.  On the panel are Matt Weedman, Assistant Professor at Wabash College, Colby Jennings, Assistant Professor at Missouri State University, and Marjorie Thompson, MFA student at Empire State College, NY. here is the abstract…. Curriculums in digital art have been created in many colleges under guise of many names (i.e. New Media, Digital Media, Time based media, etc) Part of the reason for the confusion is that digital art may not be a single discipline but an umbrella term to define multi-disciplinary works with some form of digital technology involved in it’s creation. Digital art is often created using other art disciplines such as photography, video, and sculpture. Much of the contemporary digital art that is being made today requires skills that might be considered outside the traditional disciplines of the art degree such as electronics and computer programming. This Panel will encourage discussion about the challenges of building effective curriculums in multidisciplinary digital arts within the traditional studio art degree model. Presenters could address: What is the difference between a degree in digital art versus other fields such as photography or video use digital technologies? Should art schools that offer digital art degrees also teach computer programming, if so how much? Should art programs work with other disciplines such as computer science and business? What are the challenges/success stories of collaboration with disciplines outside the art field? What is the success point of a graduate with a digital art degree? How do art professors address the conceptual and artistic quality of a form that includes commercial and entertainment applications such as video games, social media, and application design? The panel will invite proposals from artists, theorists, and designers.

10_ireland My work from Search Windows is featured in the exhibition “Contemporary Visions: Landscape” in the 21st Century at Converge Art Online Gallery. Follow the link to see the exhibition here.  I will be online for an online opening reception and chat March 3, 2016 7:00 – 8:00 P.M. EST I am not sure how it will work exactly, but if interested go Converge Art and check it out.

20 January 2016

Thailand 2015 Just some pics from my recent trip to Thailand, late 2015…

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