Searched, Collected, and Tagged…an SPE Presentation
20 September 2015

I will be presenting at the Society of Photographic Education Conference this September in the panel discussion “Searched, Collected, and Tagged”.  My work is also included at the SPE members exhibition at Mainsite Contemporay Art in Norman, OK.


Searched, Collected, and Tagged

Arthur Fields, Chris Ireland, & H. Jennings Sheffield

Saturday, September 26 – 10:00AM to 11:50AM
University of Oklahoma – FJC 205

Digital images are created, cataloged, and, and shared online through a network of technologies including mobile devices and social media platforms ,creating an infinite public visual record of our existence. From online web searches to social networks both virtual and tangible, the three artists in this panel compile imagery through the process of data collection. For these projects, the artist is a curator as well as an image-maker. These artists are concerned with choosing, organizing, editing, and remixing, to better understand the collective cultural experience that is mediated through digital images.

By considering the photograph as data to be sorted, these artists are engaged in systems for which we store and present images that reflect the pictorial and social relationships connecting the camera, the photographer, and the spectator. The panel will discuss the different techniques and methodologies each artist considers, and ultimately chooses to utilize when creating their own narratives.