Work featured in 10 year Anniversary Exhibition at Midwest Center for Photography
30 December 2018

My work Holding Still for Mother was selected by curator Linda Robinson to be included in the online exhibition and catalog entitled TEN YEARS OF PHOTOGRAPHS by the Midwest Center for Photography. Here is an excerpt from the curator:

“The calendar year of 2018 marks the 10 year anniversary of the Midwest Center for Photography. In 2008, I made the decision to expand my educational reach from the University to the gallery setting through the curatorial vision of founding and directing the Midwest Center for Photography in Wichita, Kansas.

By uniting these 100 featured photographers and various photographic works that I have identified as outstanding and noteworthy throughout the 10 years of exhibitions at the Midwest Center for Photography, I wish to share this collective vision with the larger online audience in this Ten Years of Photographs Online Exhibition. A retrospective exhibition catalogue is produced and available in January, highlighting the distinct curatiorial voice that captures a new collective aesthetic that is uniquely my Midwestern take on America.”

The exhibition and catalog can be viewed here: