Chris Ireland

Search Windows

Rocking Chair Line
Rocking Chair Lane, Archival Inkjet Print

The brain is not an album in which memories are stored discreetly like unchanging photographs. A memory is instead, a fleeting constellation of brain activity. Google Street View, on the contrary, is an online database of fixed images that give a visual representation of any place where data is available. The terrain of data stored online is so unimaginably vast, and impossible to maintain, that while traversing every conceivable angle, one can feel alone in an undiscovered place that looks entirely familiar. Just like home.

frameblow copy2
Frame Street, Archival Inkjet Print

The images in the series Search Windows consists of images from Midwestern suburban areas chosen on the computer through Google searches of the chosen words that I associate with nostalgic feelings of home such as “fireflies”, “carpet”, “apple pie” and other terms used to conjure a emotional association with a place.  I am  interested in the conceptual implications of presenting an idea of “home” through virtual means, but the impersonal nature also just seems more in tune with my emotions about my own experience. 

cicada copy
Cicada Street, Archival Inkjet Print
sonatadrive2 copy
Splendor Drive
, Archival Inkjet Print
Garden Street, Archival Inkjet Print
Maple Street
, Archival Inkjet Print
Firefly Court, Archival Inkjet Print
Mirror Street, Archival Inkjet Print
memorylanmom2 copy
Memory Lane, Archival Inkjet Print
cicadas2 copy
Cicada Street
, Archival Inkjet Print
Lost Nation Rd. Archival Inkjet Print
Meadow Lake Way, Archival Inkjet Print
Moonlight Drive, Archival Inkjet Print
Cottage Street
, Archival Inkjet Print
Firefly St
, Archival Inkjet Print
Cherry Lane
, Archival Inkjet Print
framestreet copy
Frame Street, Archival Inkjet Print
Saphire Lane, Archival Inkjet Print
zion copy
Mt. Zion Road
, Archival Inkjet Print
Candy Lane
, Archival Inkjet Print
Tree House Court
, Archival Inkjet Print